What if I gave birth in a hospital with my previous baby?

It is very common that people who gave birth in the hospital with their first baby desire something different with their next. They may desire a more intimate setting, or less pressure to perform testing during pregnancy or undergo medical interventions in labor. Second or subsequent births often go faster, and they are statistically less likely to develop complications. In the UK, those who have already given birth once are advised to give birth outside the hospital, since studies have shown their birth outcomes are better and involve fewer interventions than those giving birth int he hospital. Tidelands is very happy to work with pregnant families who gave birth in a hospital last time! Get in touch for more information.

Previous cesarean: Unfortunately, Tidelands does not take VBAC clients, or people who have previously had one or more cesarean section. It is recommended that those desiring VBAC care in the Seattle area contact hospitals in the area to learn about their options. Feel free to get in touch with us for specific recommendations.