Is home birth messy?

Many people wonder what having a birth in their home actually looks like–Is it cluttered? Messy? The answer is that while home birth does require some extra supplies (including towels, baby blankets, and an *optional* labor tub), it does not leave your house messy. My birth assistant and I keep your space clean as we go, and leave your home only after taking out the trash, starting a load of laundry, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning up any leftover supplies. Often, we help partners or family members prepare a meal for you after birth and drain the labor tub.

Additionally, home birth is more environmentally sustainable when compared with hospital birth–fewer disposable plastics as well as harsh cleaning agents are used.

Welcoming your baby into your home also means that your baby is exposed to the beneficial bacteria in your home environment–and not to other microbes that may be present in a hospital or birthing center.