How long do you stay?

We leave your home only after ensuring that both you and your newborn baby are transitioning normally, have breastfed successfully, and are healthy, stable, and ready for a nap. Typically, this means that we stay at your home about 3 to 4 hours after birth. During this time, we are monitoring both you and your newborn closely and frequently, providing you with any desired breastfeeding assistance, performing a head-to-toe physical exam for your newborn, getting you your first meal after giving birth, tidying up your home (or the birth suite) and our supplies, and providing special instructions for monitoring both your own and your newborn’s health during the first 48 hours.

“I had given birth with midwives for my first two, but in a hospital setting. I was a bit nervous about doing it at a birthing center, but also looking forward to it. The midwives showed great attention to detail, and walked through scenarios to show that they had thorough experience.


I was also worried about going home so quickly after giving birth. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Four hours after giving birth, after achieving a couple milestones, I was on my way home. Turns out, babies sleep most of their first day, which means my husband and I caught up with our sleep!


That first day of rest did wonders for us; it boosted me with a great positivity and energy to ensure a more relaxed post-partum period so that I could harness all my efforts into breastfeeding and self-care. Atif wasn’t driving back and forth to the hospital for two days. My sleep wasn’t being unnecessarily interrupted by beeping sounds, frequent nurse check-ups, or a dozen different professionals doing a battery of checks on my baby”


-Nazihah نزيهة