Frequently Asked Questions

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Is midwifery care right for me?

Most people are appropriate candidates for midwifery care. Midwives specialize in low-risk pregnancy, meaning that their clients are in generally good health and have a healthy, normal pregnancy. Learn more about whether a midwife might be an appropriate maternity care giver for you.

Can I switch my care to a midwife?

It is quite common for people to start their pregnancy care with an obstetrician and decide later in pregnancy that they would prefer a birth center or home birth with a midwife. If your pregnancy thus far has been generally healthy, then switching care to a midwife is likely an option for you.

What if I gave birth in a hospital with my previous baby?

It is very common that people who gave birth in the hospital with their first baby desire something different with their next. They may desire a more intimate setting, or less pressure to perform testing during pregnancy or undergo medical interventions in labor. Tidelands is very happy to work with pregnant families who gave birth in a hospital last time!

What if I used IVF to conceive this pregnancy?

If you are otherwise healthy and conceived your current pregnancy using IVF or other assisted reproductive technology, then you are likely a great candidate for midwifery care! Usually, people who conceive with IVF transfer into midwifery care once they are done being seen at their the fertility clinic. Get in touch to learn more!

Do midwives carry medications?

Yes, midwives carry both routine and emergency medications for mothers and newborns. They also carry other emergency equipment including IV fluids, medical oxygen, and newborn resuscitation equipment.

Who will be at my birth?

The safety of you and your baby is of primary importance. For that reason, Katherine always brings with her a second fully trained midwife to assist as needed during the birth of your baby. The second attendant is called once the birth of your baby draws near.

Is home birth messy?

Many people wonder what having a birth in their home actually looks like–Is it cluttered? Messy? The answer is that while home birth does require some extra supplies (including towels, baby blankets, and an *optional* labor tub), it does not leave your house messy.

How long do you stay?

We leave your home only after ensuring that both you and your newborn baby are transitioning normally, have breastfed successfully, and are healthy, stable, and ready for a nap. Typically, this means that we stay at your home about 3 to 4 hours after birth.