Why Midwifery?

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I was terrified about being pregnant and becoming a mother. I was never really excited until about the end of my pregnancy. I was afraid I wouldn’t love Willem or being a mom. I thought I was going to be bad at it. I was never the type of woman that was daydreaming about becoming a mother. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


As far as midwifery was concerned…I had my reservations only because I was uneducated. When I did my research and then had my first visit, I thought as I was leaving the office “what a difference! I feel like I just made a friend, and I don’t have any questions.” This was a huge relief, as I had transferred care from an OBGYN.


Katherine was patient, kind, loving, funny (which was very important to me), and helpful in so many ways. She listened, she let me cry, she hugged me, physically did whatever she could to help relieve pain, never left my side, and most importantly she chose to be there for us even when she wasn’t on shift. That will forever stick with me.


You won’t regret hiring Katherine.


I didn’t have many reservations about using midwifery care. I’m more naturally minded and it was something my mother did with her 3 births, so it always felt like it was going to be the path for me. And I’m so happy that it was!


Before my pregnancy I was a person with high anxiety, so of course, being pregnant made me nervous: about how I was feeling, if everything was normal, and if we had a healthy baby. But choosing midwifery care over hospital care, I felt like I was constantly reassured that everything was going well without having to do lots of extra tests.


Katherine was always the picture of professionalism and compassion. I always felt like we could relate on something, and she had the answers to my many, many questions at visits. We felt so lucky to have her at our birth, and I felt very confident making it through labor naturally with her support and the support of others.


If you’re looking for a midwife who is intelligent and knowledgable, who will listen to your concerns, give you confidence in yourself, laugh with you, and keep you calm, Katherine is your choice.


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