We believe that pregnancy and birth are fundamentally normal, yet also transformative, vulnerable, and life-changing processes. Our mission is to support and guide our clients along the journey that is the childbearing year with trust and respect, and to ensure that they emerge both healthy and empowered.

Tidelands is committed to incorporating current research evidence into health care discussions and decisions, while also valuing clients’ own wisdom, experience, and knowledge of their bodies. Tidelands strives to provide personalized and compassionate care in which individuals and families feel safe and respected no matter their identity, family structure, background, circumstance, or belief system. In an effort to continually improve and learn, our providers humbly seek honest client feedback and regularly participate in trainings about anti-oppression and anti-racism, cultural competency, and LGBTQ-friendly healthcare.


We are proud of and committed to our collaborative, shared decision-making model of care in which we take time to get to know our clients, build mutual trust over time, and support and empower clients to be well informed stewards of their health and the health of their families. We view clients’ active participation in their health and decisions as vitally important to this model of care.


We recognize that pregnancy and birth are major life events not only for our pregnant clients, but for their families as well. We love engaging siblings, partners, and other members of your family (and chosen family) into your care with Tidelands.


As Licensed Midwives, we are experts in low-risk pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn care. We work with clients to promote wellness, and closely monitor each woman throughout the childbearing process to ensure that she remains healthy, low-risk, and appropriate for our care. In the event that a condition develops that is outside of our scope and expertise, Tidelands Midwifery has an extensive network of physicians and other healthcare providers with whom we consult and refer, and–when complications develop which warrant different tools and expertise than we possess–to whom we transfer care.

At Tidelands, we have also witnessed the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine for many clients throughout the childbearing process. With the aim of promoting preventive and comprehensive care for our clients, we maintain a referral network of providers whom we trust and recommend as needed and desired.


In our broader community, we are committed to expanding access to high quality midwifery care to all individuals and families, with the goal of improving maternal and infant health both locally and nationally. To that end, we contract with private and public insurance carriers, engage in community outreach to educate the public about midwifery, and work to accept alternative forms of payment. We actively participate in our local and national professional organizations (Midwives’ Association of Washington State and National Association of Certified Professional Midwives), engage in teaching the next generation of midwives, participate regularly in peer review and continuing education, and contribute statistical data to the Midwives’ Alliance of North America.