I was so fortunate to be surrounded by such a loving team of midwives, that any fears that arose throughout my pregnancy journey were quickly alleviated. These women were clearly well educated and experienced as well as passionate in what they do. I felt secure and well cared for in every way possible, I came to trust them and trust myself.

I have an anxiety disorder, I cannot remember a time where fear wasn’t a frequent presence in my life, but with Katherine Dexter and the other midwives who were a part of my journey through pregnancy and birth, I felt heard, understood, and tended to. I received optimal care and if ever I felt that I needed further testing, screening, exams, etc. my midwives trusted me to make that call. Protocols were in place for any type of emergency situation, and I received ample information and techniques to address any and all concerns. Thankfully, my pregnancy and delivery were pretty textbook and no complications arose, but I feel secure that if issues had arisen that I would get all the care I required.

I quickly came to find that Katherine Dexter is a midwife with a lot of love to give to the families that she cares for. My family and I were always met with smiles and kind words. We felt listened to and well valued. Our choices were respected, our concerns met with honest answers and good information, and all aspects of our health (mental, emotional, physical) taken into account. Katherine is genuine and passionate about supporting women and their families through pregnancy, birth, and the first weeks of postpartum.

I would definitely recommend Katherine Dexter to anyone looking to receive midwifery care. I never felt rushed at appointments, my worries were taken seriously, I was given a variety of solutions to combat any and all pregnancy and postpartum discomforts, and the kindness and love that my family and I were shown felt genuine. During birth when I was stressed, exhausted, or scared, I was met with calm security and patience. I was provided the same necessary services that I would be given had I not had a traditional doctor and delivered at a hospital. The difference was that, under the care of Katherine and the other midwives, I was also provided comfort, time, and security. Pregnancy and birth isn’t just medical, and the midwifery care I was provided clearly understood that.