Arriving in Seattle from NY at 7 months pregnant, I was a little nervous and had my guard up because of the care I had previously received. I was sure that the care was better here in Seattle, but nevertheless, I still had a lot of questions and was eager to express my wishes and my birth plan. I was excited to know that there were more options here and the opportunity to have an all-natural birth with a midwife.

I was immediately reassured by the huge warm and sincere welcome from Katherine Dexter, who in a team of other midwives, had the potential of delivering our first child, obviously depending on when he/she decided to come! I was instantly put at ease by her calm demeanor and also her wealth of knowledge and understanding about pregnancy and the experience in front of me. I was hoping she would be available on the big day. I had tears of joy when I realized we were on the same page. I was absolutely in the right hands for delivering our first child, naturally and totally in line with our birth plan. I was so relieved and excited to do this!

I began looking forward to every appointment and was excited to get updates, ask questions, and learn more and more about the process and progress. I was very interested in all the details and the knowledge that Katherine shared. My  husband was very impressed by her and would comment after every single appointment about how great she was and how great this was going to be. He was so right!

Katherine really took time in each appointment to listen, answer questions, ask me how I felt and how I was doing throughout the process. I felt like I could ask anything and my questions would be answered quickly and knowledgeably. She was very professional and very thorough. Her bedside manner was so comfortable and down to earth, and by the time I was ready to give birth it felt like we were surrounded by family. Katherine is very confident in her field, and I feel like this instilled total confidence in me and my body’s ability to have a great, natural, and pleasant childbirth experience. I knew this was totally possible!

I was 3.5cm dilated before labor even started and in the end I had a 4 hour labor from my first contraction to the birth of my son – It felt like a total miracle!  I believe that the confidence I had in my care helped me to relax about this new experience, which helped me along. I was so relaxed, and everything lined up so perfectly.  Knowing how many different ways birth can go, this was unexpectedly one of the best experiences of our lives, start to finish. It was beautiful.

I appreciated how nurturing Katherine was throughout my pregnancy and the whole labor process.  She was also extremely helpful during the aftercare with breastfeeding, handling our newborn and with the transition into parenthood. Baby Milo was very calm and engaged with Katherine and was more than happy to be examined and complete all his checks with her.  He was one relaxed, happy and healthy little boy!

We love Katherine and to this day, we miss seeing her and the team for regular appointments. They are a huge part of our story and the reason why it was all so great!  With absolute confidence, I would whole-heartedly recommend Katherine as a midwife, and we will use her again ourselves, should we decide on baby #2!