Previously, with my three prior children, I had something come up within each pregnancy that resulted in having an unsatisfactory relationship with my care provider in the end. I was fearful with my fourth pregnancy that even if I felt comfortable in the beginning with my care provider(s), trust issues would arise later. I also had fears surrounding my health with my fourth. I was worried that my health at an older age now was declining. I also had a lot of stress surrounding life changes and was experiencing some anxiety.

Katherine is an amazing listener. She always was ready at my prenatal appointments to lend her ear, and would ask pertinent questions to prompt a productive discussion about my fears. It really helped develop our client/provider relationship and help establish a strong base of trust.

I would absolutely recommend Katherine to friends and family. Katherine’s passion for midwifery shines through in her care of her clients. Her knowledge, compassion, and friendliness really make her an amazing midwife!